What CBD oil to choose?

What CBD oil to choose?

When you make your choice of Elixyd CBD oil, you need to take into consideration two main criteria. 

  • The first one is your experience with hemp-based products:

If you’re a beginner who is about to try for a first time that kind of food supplement, we advise starting with our 3 and 5% Elixyd CBD oils. This will give time for your body to adjust and by increasing progressively your daily consumption, you will start to experience the first positive effects of it. 

After a couple of weeks, or if you have already some experience, you can start with the 10% and 15% Elixyd CBD oils in order to achieve faster and longer-lasting effect. 

The 20 and 25% Elixyd CBD oils are for those of you who are used to that kind of product and have a clear goal to achieve by consuming the product. 

  • The second criteria, which will determine your choice, should be based on your objective and your condition: 

For mild conditions like poor quality of sleep, some tension feeling etc., again you should choose less concentrated CBD oil. If you look for faster results related to a more serious or chronic conditions, you should aim for Elixyd CBD oil with a higher concentration. 

To facilitate your choice, you can check the product description page of every CBD oil and see the full information and recommendations about it.


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