How often should I take CBD oil?

How often should I take CBD oil?

All Elixyd CBD oils come with a recommended daily dosage that has a clear purpose, especially for those of you who try for the first time a CBD oil product. This is related to the fact that you introduce to your body a new food supplement, and it is very important to give it time to adapt and observe the effect. After this stage, you can start to gradually increase the dosage until you start to experience the desired result. Always keep in mind that you have to calculate your maximum dosage based on three factors: your weight, the CBD concentration in mg, and your condition. On the Elixyd web page, along with the product description, you can find a table of dosages and a calculator to help you do those calculations. 

Can you take too much CBD?

The short answer is YES. But you need to understand that each case is different and some of you might experience the benefits from the CBD oil by consuming a very small dosage and others might need much larger dosage in order to benefit from its therapeutic effect. 

However, if you take too much at a time, it could result in minor side effects like dizziness or vomiting. So it is up to you to find your proper dosage. And you can do that by giving time to your body to adapt, monitor closely your daily dosage and adapt it according to your need and experience.  


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