CBD therapeutic creams?

CBD therapeutic creams?

If you’ve decided to try CBD, you know there are a lot of products on the market to choose from.
You can try a tincture of CBD oil, which is administered under the tongue, you can try capsules or even edibles like gummies. Or you can try a topical solution like a CBD cream to not only enjoy the pain-relieving benefits of CBD oil, but to also help nourish and soothe tired, dry skin.

When you’re experiencing joint stiffness and muscle pain, a topical solution can be the most comforting option to try. We have created for that purpose Elixyd Massage Cream with Relaxing effect that will bring the necessary comfort to your body. This product has an effective formula with a high potency of natural CBD and 15 other natural extracts, providing the pain-relief result but also helping nourish and soothe tired and dry skin. 


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