CBD for arthritis pain?

CBD for arthritis pain?

CBD is thought to work on pain in two parts of the body: the site of soreness (such as your finger joints) and the central nervous system, which sends pain signals to the brain when it detects certain stimulation or damage to nerves and cells.

The ability for CBD to calm that response is one reason the compound might be a viable pain remedy for people with arthritis.
Another is CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation occurs when your body is fighting a perceived infection. In autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system is attacking healthy parts of your body like your joints. It’s important to note that while early research on animals has shown promise for CBD for pain, more research is needed before we can draw anything conclusive for humans.

However, numerous reports from people who have started incorporating CBD into their treatment, are giving positive feedback.  


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