Will CBD show on a drug test?

Will CBD show on a drug test?

This one of the most asked questions and it originates from the fact that still a lot of people don’t understand completely the functioning of the different compounds in the Cannabis Sativa L plant. 

The short answer is NO.

Even the regular consumption of CBD oil is unlikely to result in a positive drug test. There is a false belief that the CBD compound leads to the so-called “getting high” state when ingested. But it is very important to understand that the CBD has different characteristics compared to the THC compound, for example.  

That is why all Elixyd CBD Oils are from carefully selected plants and seeds, and we monitor closely the whole manufacturing process. In order to provide certitude for our customers on that matter, we have designed the Broad Spectrum CBD oil where the THC compound is close to 0. Even in the Elixyd Full Spectrum CBD Oil products, the problematic THC compound is maintained below 0.2% in order to completely avoid getting high effect. 

So drive safely and always look for the lab test certificate when you choose your product. 


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