Can CBD oil make you nauseous?

Can CBD oil make you nauseous?

There are no large studies regarding the CBD oil and the nausea side effect. However, this is a quite common situation based on user testimonials. So being a sort of digestive issue, it could be caused by three main reasons. 

First, it could be related to the fact that some of us simply can’t digest the CBD oil. So this leads to different stomach problems like nausea, dizziness, vomiting etc. 

The second reason could be related to the extended consumption of CBD oil and its daily usage. That is why each Elixyd oil comes with an average recommended dosage and for more accurate results, we provide a dosage table and a CBD oil calculator in order to be more precise with every customer. However, you should be informed that there is no standardized dosage simply because each brand is different and most importantly, each user and its condition is different. 

The third and very important reason is related to the quality of the product that you consume. You should be aware that there are also poor quality products on the market and in order to avoid them you need to look for a few things: 

  • Always check if there is a valid certificate in the product description. Usually, this is a third-party laboratory that shows the content of CBD and THC compounds, but also the absence of heavy metals and toxins in the product. 
  • Each product that you buy, must have an expiration date on the bottle or the envelope.
  • Always buy a product with detailed information on the label and preferably a notice with all the necessary warnings and precautions. 

All of these indicators are available to you on Elixyd’s product description page and if this is not clear enough, you can always address your questions via our live chat and contact form, and we will get back to you with the information.   


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