CBD for PetsCBD for dogs: what do you need to know?

CBD for dogs

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This article discusses the current research on CBD compound in veterinary medicine and how it can be used to treat different conditions in dogs and cats. But before we get into the details, let’s first clarify few important questions:

1. What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

CBD е канабиноид от растението Cannabis Sativa и това е най-анализираният и обсъждан канабиноид, изолиран от конопа. Той е не е психоактивен и главно съдържа канабидиол, който намалява тревожността и от там води до усещане за спокойствие. Канабидиолът е един от над 200 канабиноиди, които са изолирани досега в канабиса. Това е второто най-разпространено активно съединение, съдържащо се в канабиса, след THC (тетрахидроканабинол), който от своя страна има психоактивни свойства. Според Световната здравна организация, няма доказателства CBD да води до някаква зависимост или прекомерна употреба и до този момент не се свързва с никакви сериозни странични ефекти.

2. How does CBD works on dogs?

CBD has the capacity to influence in a positive way the cannabinoid receptors that are part of the human and animal Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

When the ECS is in sync, the human body achieves the so-called homeostasis state, which means your body is functioning at optimal performance. Therefore the CBD can help reduce discomfort, improve our mental state, boost overall health and result in other health and wellness benefits.

The CBD compound has become another option for those searching for natural pain relief solutions and other symptoms, but without the  negative aspects of the pharmaceutical drugs. CBD oil is obtained by an extraction process from the cannabis plant, then mixing it with a carrier oil like MCT or hemp seed oil.  All Elixyd CBD oils are with hemp seed carrier oil, which gives more effective final experience to our customers with the so-called Entourage effect.

3. What are the possible effects of CBD on dogs and cats?

Unfortunately, there haven’t been many studies done on the consequences of CBD on dogs and cats. So let’s work with the existing facts.  

You and your dog or cat have something in common: you both have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS affects your brain, skin, heart, eyes, stomach – and even your mood. This by symple logic is valid for your dog or cat too.

What researchers do know however is that the cannabinoids affect the endocannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoid system in our central and peripheral neurvous systems. Combined, the positive results lead to balance in the human body. This statement is valid for humans, but also for all other mammals – including dogs and cats. CBD interacts with the receptors in your pet’s brain for natural cannabinoid molecules like anandamide and 2-AG. As a result, CBD helps regulate their moods and feelings of pain or stress. This is why CBD is considered to have such a wide spectrum of positive effects.

4. Възможни странични ефекти от CBD при кучетата?

Based on the side effects of CBD on humans, we are able to conclude that dogs may suffer from similar issues.

For instance, CBD oil has been known to cause dryness in humans and theoretically will  have the same effect on dogs. CBD is also known to reduce blood pressure level in humans thus causing dizziness. Again, this might also be the case with dogs. People with anxiety use CBD to manage their symptoms. However, this might lead to a sense of lightheadedness and even drowsiness. If you give your dog CBD, chances are they could identically experience these side effects. The key for avoiding those potential side effects is the right calculation of dosage of CBD for dogs.

5. What dosage of CBD for dogs you should use?

If you do decide to administer CBD to your dog, it’s recommended that you consult your veterinarian first.

Start with a very small dose and closely monitor your dog’s reactions for several days. A small dose means between 0.5 and 1 mg of CBD per every 2 kg. If there are any negative side effects like panting, lethargy, vomiting, foaming, it’s advisable to stop the treatment. But, for instance, if your beloved dog is suffering from arthritis, and it suddenly seems to feel better, there’s a good chance CBD is actually helping him.

6. How to choose the right CBD for dogs?

If you decide to give a try to any CBD oil, you have to be certain of the product quality so that your beloved friend can benefit from it without any side effects. You should avoid products with pesticides or other harmful contaminants and toxins inside it.

What’s the solution, then?

  • Buy CBD oil online from a website that can show proof of its testing. Regardless of whether your desired Elixyd cbd product is made for dogs or humans, we are independently testing it and we provide for you the lab test on our website.
  • Look for broad-spectrum tincture. A lot of products out there are CBD isolate based and this is not an optimal solution for you. CBD isolate is technically the purest form of cannabidiol (CBD) alone. However, the CBD compound is only one of at least 2OO cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. So having a CBD-rich oil that still contains all the other compounds within the Cannabis Sativa flower, will be much more effective and beneficial for you but also for your best friend. We call this the “entourage effect”.

7. How to give the CBD for dogs?

Method 1: Place the CBD oil Directly in the mouth

Това се счита за един от най-лесните и най-ефективните начини да дадете масло от CBD на вашия домашен любимец. Той е идеален, защото вашият домашен любимец ще получи точното количество от изчислената доза. Това изчисление трябва да се основава на броя на капките, които трябва да дадете на вашия домашен любимец, неговото състояние, тегло и размер.  

Pull the oil from the bottle and move carefully to your pet’s mouth to get good visibility. Slowly squeeze in the oil drops using the dropper. To ensure that they thoroughly swallow everything, make sure that you give them a treat after the administration.

Method 2: Mix The CBD for dogs with Food

If there’s one thing all pets have in common, it’s that they adore food. If you want to give your cat or dog CBD, then you can add it to his or her favorite meal. This way will ensure that they will consume all the CBD oil.

The taste of CBD is masked with the flavor of their food. Dry foods are a better choice, having better absorption. When you are mixing this cannabis compound with food, start by using a smaller dose. As time goes by, you can gradually increase the dose. Be sure to wait a couple of minutes before giving the food, in order to achieve better absorption.  


CBD can be a great thing to give your dog as a treatment.

With that being said, it’s important to follow many of the steps we placed in this guide to ensure you’re getting the best experience out of it.

За да резюмираме, първото нещо което трябва да направите, е да се консултирате с вашия ветеринарен лекар, ако смятате да прилагате CBD за дълъг период от време.

Второ, проучете мнението на експертите и сравнете всички критерии, които ви дадохме при избора на най-подходящо масло от CBD за кучета.

Трето, имайте предвид как дозирате екстракта от коноп спрямо  лечението на кучето ви. Винаги взимайте предвид теглото му, вида на CBD маслото, което администрирате, и крайния резултат, който бихте искали да постигнете.

And finally, be patient and gradual with your approach.  

Екипът на Elixyd ви пожелава много късмет и успех в това начинание, а ние сме винаги на разположение за вас и вашия приятел, ако е необходима някаква подкрепа.  

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