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In balance with nature

Our vision

At ELIXYD we believe that the key to a happy and plainfull life is in the balance. Balance between personnel and professional life, balance in the way we take care of ourselves, balance between taking and giving to the surrounding world. We started Elixyd project 3 years ago with the idea to share this vision with you through our products and through our knowledge.

What we do?

We are a team of professionals from all levels of the cannabis industry. From growers and agronoms, to product designers and biochemistry specialists. This mix of professional experience allows us today to present you a wide range of CBD based products in the field of cosmetics, nutrient supplements, wellness and pets nutrients.

How we do it?

At Elixyd we believe in the simple and transparent way of working process. Our job consists in choosing carefully the best strains available, and supervising the entire production process from seed to bottle of the CBD oil product. 

Elixyd product quality?

All of our CBD oils are extracted according to the highest standards with CO2 extraction method and the final result is validated with 3rd party lab tests to guarantee your satisfaction.
All Elixyd products are Non-GMO, absolutely natural and free of toxic and heavy metal compounds.

Why Choose Elixyd?

If you think that a wholesome, balanced life is a good life, it means that we are the best partner for you. At Elixyd we believe that the CBD has enormous power to enhance and improve our day-to-day living. Based on our experience, the CBD oil in all its forms, is one of the greatest gifts from nature and we are here to present to you its full potential through our products. When it comes to health and wellness, nothing but the highest standard of CBD will do, and that’s exactly how Elixyd is creating every product: with purity, finest ingredients and complete transparency. Through our exceptional quality, clear and understandable labelling, easy application, and certified CBD products, we’re making the CBD compound accessible to all. At Elixyd, we believe that the CBD benefits will help you stay focused and calm, support your daily routine and will create this sensation of balance in your life that you deserve.

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